Episode 7 of “Silver Buckshot”: Houdini Bathtub

The all-clear sounds before lunch, so Flavia and Frank are no longer confined to her suite.

You’d think that bathing and changing for a luncheon, even a royal luncheon, would be no great trick, but Flavia’s polio-weakened legs and her immensely deep claw-footed bathtub present a challenge.

Under normal circumstances, her maid would have assisted her, but Miss Parmalee turned out to be a traitor and is now dead. For obvious reasons, Flavia doesn’t want Frank as her bath attendant, so she attempts the necessary acrobatics alone.

Find out how that turns out, and the revelations that follow, in Episode 7: Houdini Bathtub.

See my main story post for Silver Buckshot or jump right into the story on Kindle Vella.

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