Episode 19 of Silver Buckshot: Too Young

Any thirteen-year-old girl who suddenly acquires a fourteen-year-old boyfriend is sure to be self-conscious, even if she’s a princess. Doubly so if most of their meals are taken in front of at least fifty guests in the palace banquet hall.

But it’s June of 1972, and the gods have plenty more in store. They have ordained that fourteen-year-old Donny Osmond, a teen heartthrob whose voice hasn’t even broken yet, will break into Casey Kasem’s American Top Forty #36 during lunch with a new hit: “Too Young.” It’s just not fair!

And that’s not all. After everyone has practically keeled over from the effort of not laughing at Frank and Flavia, little Michael Jackson, with an even higher-pitched soprano than Donny Osmond’s, breaks into the Top Forty at #33 with “I Wanna Be Where You Are.”

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