“Silver Buckshot” Now Available!

I’m publishing my fantasy adventure/romance story, Silver Buckshot: Magic, Mystery, and a Most Aggravating Boyfriend as a serial, with four episodes available now and new ones posting every Sunday starting June 12, 2022. There are 39 episodes so far (think of it as Season One), and I’ve made a start on Season Two.


Thirteen-year-old Princess Flavia has endured a lot recently. Polio crippled her legs and killed her mother, her father is sunk in grief, and her servants veer between negligence and cruelty. She takes refuge in her books and never complains. But she draws the line at being murdered. Fourteen-year-old Frank Barron conceals her when the shooting starts. This is no accident: a letter told him what to do. It’s signed, “Love, Flavia.” She has no memory of it. And she can’t tell the future! Can she?

How To Get Your Mitts On It

Read it on the Kindle Vella platform. The first three episodes are free and Amazon will give you enough free tokens to keep you reading for free for 20,000 words or so. After that, you buy more tokens. They’re pretty cheap.

I’ll be posting an update for every new episode here and also on my Facebook PlamondonFiction page and my Twitter page. Feel free to give me feedback in any or all of these places. I’d love to hear from you!

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