Episode 24 of Silver Buckshot: Prune Princess

Scowling princess
Drawing courtesy of Tubbey1.

Does Frank have a tragic backstory? He’d be the first to deny it, or at least minimize it in a humorously distracting way, but he reveals something to Flavia that results in not one but two sodden handkerchiefs. Tears of laughter, maybe? Perhaps allergies?

But none of this reveals anything about the title of Episode 24: Prune Princess. You’ll just have to read it.

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Episode 23 of Silver Buckshot: Altar Ego

Photo credit: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It’s Sunday, so an innocent trip to church is in order for Princess Flavia and her boyfriend, Frank. It’ll be fine: hardly life-threatening at all. Just because the king brought along a mysterious second limousine with unknown occupants behind its dark windows doesn’t mean he’s bringing along a SWAT team just in case! Nothing to see here, citizens.

Last episode, Frank admitted to being upset that his vampire pals Maria and Charlotte can’t come anywhere near a church. Upset at the churches, not his pals. How will he behave during the service?

Find out in Episode 23: Altar Ego.

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Episode 22 of Silver Buckshot: Youngest Profession

Secrets are revealed in Episode 22 of Silver Buckshot, Youngest Profession. What are they? It’s a secret!

One thing that Frank lets slip is that when he writes to his parents, his letters are in code, but Flavia can’t watch this interesting process because he’s under orders not to let anyone see the code book. A code book! It’s like being in a spy novel!

See also my main story post for Silver Buckshot or jump right into Episode 1 on Kindle Vella.

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Silver Buckshot: Magic, Mystery, and a Most Aggravating Boyfriend

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Read the first episodes free on Kindle Vella.

Thirteen-year-old Princess Flavia has endured a lot recently. Polio crippled her legs and killed her mother, her father is sunk in grief, and her servants veer between negligence and cruelty. She takes refuge in her books and never complains. But she draws the line at being murdered. Fourteen-year-old Frank Barron conceals her when the shooting starts. This is no accident: a letter told him what to do. It’s signed, “Love, Flavia.” She has no memory of it. And she can’t tell the future! Can she? Continue reading “Robert Plamondon’s Fiction”

Episode 21 of Silver Buckshot: Holmes and Watson

In Episode 21 of Silver Buckshot, Frank has convinced himself that someone knows about Flavia’s powers—that’s why they’re trying to kill her. But how is this possible? To the library, Watson! The palace library is neglected in other ways, but it has a fine magic section.

What did they find? Let me quote from The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes:

“Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?” asked Inspector Gregson.

“To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time,” said Holmes.

“The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

“That was the curious incident.”

Episode 21, Holmes and Watson, tells you what happens, omitting no detail, however small. Egad! The game is afoot!

See also my main story post for Silver Buckshot or jump right into Episode 1 on Kindle Vella.

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