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I’ve been working on two novels at once, which has me thinking about fiction writing in general, and I’ll have some things to say about that. I’d love to hear from you about these topics.

The two novels are related but aren’t exactly part of a series. They’re both set in a little kingdom that’s just a stone’s throw away from California if you know about the gateway.

Silver Buckshot

One is Silver Buckshot. Thirteen-year-old Princess Flavia meets the world’s most irritating boy five minutes before her own servants try to murder her. He helps hide her—she needs the help because her polio left her with weak legs—and now she’s stuck with him, especially because he received a not in her own handwriting telling him what to do. If only she could remember!

This is a Ruritanian romance, or, if you prefer, a romantic fantasy thriller with teen characters but aimed at adult readers.

Wolf in the Manger

The other novel is Wolf in the Manger, set in 1957. Seven-year-old Louisa Maréchal is one of six children attacked by the same werewolf on the same night. She becomes a werewolf, along with three of her fellow victims. Abandoned by her family, she’s taken in by an old man who has also adopted two vampire children.

One Survivor

My first novel, One Survivor, available as a paperback and as a Kindle eBook, is a science-fiction thriller with the following blurb:

Lost, Friendless, and Outgunned: Young Beverly di Mendoza knew something was up when her father cut short their Terran layover and changed their route to pass through Barigost, a planet she had never heard of. But she did not expect these events to lead to murder and betrayal.

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